Eco-Friendly Promotion

Emmie Swart works hard to promote green eco-friendly promotional products. Dedicated to sustainability, supplying environmentally responsible merchandise and respecting our natural resources, as a promotional company we work to help our customers achieve their brand and environmental goals while reducing landfill usage.

We like to assist our customers to make informed and responsible purchasing decisions so we promote eco-friendly products: reusable, recyclable, recycled, organic and biodegradable promotional products.

We can deliver anywhere in New Zealand. Call us on (09) 419 0926 or email your inquiries through our contact page. We’re here to help!

Helping Earth & Your Brand

Emmie Swart has an ever increasing selection of eco-friendly, organic, sustainable and recycled products you can proudly advertise your services and products on.

You can chose from a huge range of promotional products: product choices that are friendly to the environment. Some branded products look just like goods made from original materials while other promotional merchandise has a recycled look, a look you may want for a specific promotional goal or idea.

We offer promotional items such as solar powered eco tech products, bottles, mugs, and bags to pens, living plants, plates, vinyl portfolios, pencils, tote bags, notebooks, clothing, mugs and pens from recycled materials or produced from resins that are not derived from fossil fuels.

Promotional items nz and your clients will both love include goods from recycled materials: these are generally less expensive, use less energy, and emit fewer pollutants in their production. Eco-friendly branded merchandise can include items using newspaper, chip board, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass products.

We also encourage sustainable products such as lined clothing, bamboo notepads and chopping boards. Bamboo is fast growing and is fully sustainable due to its rapid growth: some species can literally grow 10 centimeters per day. We recommend jute, cotton, canvas, non-woven and bamboo bags as alternative to plastic bags.

Eco-friendly promotional products give you the chance to help conserve our planet and its resources while demonstrating your environmental commitment to your clients and potential customers. Why not choose promotional items that help the earth and your brand at the same time?